Pobody's Nerfect (146) Southern Rock

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Pobody's_Nerfect_146 - w bass_sample_2 Uploaded 2mo+14dy ago by p-bass-player

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Lift   commented 2mo+13dy ago

Hi Willie, thanks for your time and track. Your approach gives the song a different twist in the form of a more melodic swing. Saying that it also shifts away from the rock element that gives the tune a punch. Question: would be would you be able to approach this from a more 'raw rock'ish ' stand point? Cheers, Maarten

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p-bass-player   commented 2mo+12dy ago

I was pretty much winging it, no idea what you were looking for... Now with a little direction, I give it another shot...

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Lift   commented 2mo+12dy ago

Hi Willie, no worries, it can't always be a 'hole in one', look forward to your alternative, , Cheers! Maarten