Like Angels Adult Contemporary

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Like Angels - 2019-11-03 Uploaded 2mo+17dy ago by stoman

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YANNKIF   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Hello Stoman, Beautiful proposal, but still too much bass, a nice mix of voices, very original Have a nice Day

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NicolaOffidani   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Yes, the bass a bit up but I like it as it is.... excellent job Steffen


YANNKIF   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Hi Nicola, the bass really cover too much for me, but everyone has his vision, the most important thing is to sublimate this song!

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ecino   commented 2mo+16dy ago

I agree that the bass covers a bit too much. The voice sounds like coming from an old radio which I find a bit weird for the style of the song. But everybody has different tastes. Good job on instruments and the stereo field otherwise.