Too far from you Contemporary Country

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Too far from you 954182 prefinal Uploaded 28 days ago by KevinScottBrown

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ipft   commented 28 days ago

Hey Kevin. Some thoughts, take as you wish: The lead vocals sound slightly early (only by a fraction) and ahead of the music. Overall mix/balance is OK - I think that the bass should come up (or guitars down). I'm not sure what it is, but it seems awash with reverb/compression/chorus which could be present on the 12 string and/or fender tracks. I think drier seps could work wonders and would help if the guitars were all routed through the same reverb channel if not already. Cheers Ian

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KevinScottBrown   commented 28 days ago

Thanks Ian, I'll be quite honest with you, I don't know the first thing about audio mixing. I've always done my mixing in Cubase but with the exception of my 12 string and minor fender work, everything is vst's. Do you know of any good mixers? I was going to ask you, but you appear to have an astonishing number of projects already on the go. Regards Kevin

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ipft   commented 26 days ago

It?s a dark art and more complex than people realise. For mixing try Schwefelhard or MixAsylum and when you’re ready for mastering PMTStudio