I Want To Revive Indie Rock

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I Want To Revive - mix idea (1.0) Uploaded 14 days ago by kman

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timelesspassion   commented 10mo+22dy ago

Hey Andreas, thx a lot! Really like the ideas! My notes on the mix: GENERAL INST nice mix for giving the natural space for the vocals! really like it!!!!! GENERAL VOICE 0:09-... I like the "bad microphone"-sound of the first voice and the minimal "high-voice" in the background for more like a reverb / sharp-s background-vocal! needs only a better singer or at least I need to rerecord some parts... BUG 1:06-1:40 VERSE2 vocal frequences are elminiated by other instruments (problem of other instruments having the same frequences or compressor "bug") NICE 2:20-2:50 I like the vocal "Bridge"-feeling here TO OPTIMIZE 2:48-end Second Voice should be more prominent here Regards Markus

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timelesspassion   commented 10mo+17dy ago

Hey Andreas, I think we should just use the drums by alyo for this song. It's the best way to proceed here IMHO. Regards Markus