I Want To Revive Indie Rock

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Want to Revive Drums Uploaded 3mo+27dy ago by ATLdrums

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timelesspassion   commented 3mo+27dy ago

Thx a lot ATLdrums (what's your real name though ;-) ), I really like the ghost notes and some parts just gorgious. I look how to include it best! Regards Markus

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ATLdrums   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Brian . . .

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timelesspassion   commented 3mo+26dy ago

so: thx Brian! didn't notice, that the name is shown if I go to the profile. bad usability sometimes in here...

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ATLdrums   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Agree - not the most user-friendly site.

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timelesspassion   commented 3mo+23dy ago

Hey Brian, I reviewed your drumming and it seems like it's out of sync in some parts a bit. Thanks again for your proposal and I will definitely come back to your style of drumming in further songs where it fits well. On this song I will go for the drumming of alyo and also remove my cajon completely. It think this is the best for this special song. Regards Markus