Double Crossed Hard Rock

Started by CarlosPerina, © All Rights Reserved 2019



Idea with intro. Partial mix Uploaded 3mo+5dy ago by lucianoxrp

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 2mo+27dy ago

The intro is really well done. I like that. I'm listening at work, so it's difficult to give a proper listen, but this does sound excellent. I hear the vox effects in the chorus, and you make it have a little call and response sort of feel. I like that too. Great job

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lucianoxrp   commented 2mo+27dy ago

Haha you noticed, good. It was pretty natural to me because chorus is three or four voices calling, and only one responding. So I always felt the single voice responding was the guy that double crossed :) That’s why that voice is completely dry, no reverb at all and a little saturated. Thanks for your comments. Let’s keep rocking!