When You Smile Romantic

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When you smile Uploaded 25 days ago by YANNKIF

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Graj   commented 25 days ago

Hi Yann, Nice mix! It really is a very sweet song and has a very haunting quality! Have a great day G.....


YANNKIF   commented 25 days ago

it's a shared pleasure good day to you

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Graj   commented 21 days ago

Hi Yann, I just posted this to Facebook. I hope you don't mind. Check out the vid on Youtube: "Hi, Those who know me, are aware I Love to indulge in a musical form I like to refer to as ultra-romanticism. My usual compadre in these extreme and wonderful efforts is a pianist from Uruguay named Yvan Nunez. I?ve recently come across someone with a similar sentiment. His name is Yann Kif, a pianist from France. I took his composition entitled ?When You Smile? and turned it into the song ?The Constant Echo?. Enjoy! Now you may say, ? Dude, C?mon! Man up!? LOL To this I say ?Screw off! I like it?! G????" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqdY99iF-eo&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2jEBwXptYe4Enfbh6A3PKgKT40kNheyq-bIvtAW4rBhVcUHjqa4DQoldg


YANNKIF   commented 21 days ago

No worries for me, you are respectful of our common efforts, I can only rejoice, to be posted on youtube, thank you to you for this video editing, I really like My real name is Yann Kifer, but I can not change Yann kif on kompoz in Yann Kifer, nothing serious Thank you and see you soon on another title Nice evening my friend yann

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Graj   commented 21 days ago

Thanks Yann! I very glad (and relieved, lol) you like it! I hope to do more songs with you! Your soul is in your songs! All the best, my Friend! G......