Put It Back! Funk

  Spin-off   Spun by Hines57



Put It Back New Mix New Milt Sax Sections 1 Uploaded 11mo+5dy ago by Hines57

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Hines57   commented 11mo+6dy ago

This is a new mix with new sax section. Milt, I did keep your previous track beginning at 2:OO ending at 2:37. I just got attached to that little piece being in there...could change it out with the new one if you prefer:) Love the new outro sax...super cool!! Any suggestions appreciated:))

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mlbarney2001   commented 11mo+6dy ago

Nope...no preference...use what you prefer


DocDaFunk   commented 11mo+5dy ago

Boys!!!! That's awesome , even the mix really works! WOW

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Hines57   commented 11mo+5dy ago

Thanks so much Doc!!:)) Of course without you "On The One" guys...none of this is possible!!!! This was a fantastic track to start with!!!!