Plastic Choking your Sushi Indie Rock

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PlasticChokingYourSushi 956451 Full Vocal Mix Uploaded 10mo+9dy ago by ipft

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ipft   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Great subject Alex, had fun with these lyrics. I was watching South Park the other day so I had to put something in about fish-sticks ;-) Plastic Choking Your Sushi (Lyrics by iPFT, 20190930) We've made this disposable world No one cares, throw it away Make it somebody else's problem Call it gut instinct I'm calling your bluff How long will it take To get in the chain? Fish-sticks in the brain There's plenty more fish in the sea The wine doesn't matter to me When it comes already wrapped Oh the catch is just that It's from the inside You wanted fresh as fresh can be Plastic chokes your sushi This menu ain't quite what it seems Extra polymers With your fries This really doesn't come as a surprise The next time you purchase something Spare a thought For the fish in the sea Cos the packaging could end up in The food that you buy And eat, mmmmmmm Plastic choking your sushi

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Nikoli   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Great vocals as always Ian Spot on lyrics. Love it! cheers Nick

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IntervaloLucido   commented 10mo+11dy ago

Amazing Ian. Beautiful Lyrics. And awesome vocals. Looove the harmonies. :)

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Nikoli   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Alex,Ian When you have a min could you upload your seps in wav. I have asked a professional if they would be interested in mixing this if that,s ok with you guys. I think it deserves to be given the proper treatment and get a really good sound! Cheers Nick

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IntervaloLucido   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Cooool. Sure thing.

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ipft   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Thanks guys, should be all up. Might be a couple of plosive's here and there but I can redo those bits if need be.