Plastic Choking your Sushi Indie Rock

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Sushi most 2 ozo Uploaded 10mo+6dy ago by stnbrgrbass

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Schwefelhard   commented 10mo+6dy ago

same back to you :-)

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stnbrgrbass   commented 10mo+6dy ago

Id really like to know your process - every time I hear one of your mixes, that's usually the sound I am trying to get, just have a hard time ever getting even close - keep up the fantastic work - you could be (hell, maybe you already are) doing this for a living. Really a fine body of work you have put together. Gobble Gobble all of you US folks!

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Schwefelhard   commented 10mo+6dy ago

all hobby mate, based on fumble around for years, LOL BTW, just tried to compare our mixes but looks like you went for -13 where I am at -14. Do we want to agree on one of them? Normally using youlean for measurement and like -14 as i don't need any limiting but if you want me to come up to -13 no problem, just let me know.

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ipft   commented 10mo+6dy ago

Nice work Paul, sounds very full. Alignment all sorted now, great job ;-)

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Nikoli   commented 10mo+6dy ago

Thank you Paul This is a lot better Nice job!