Plastic Choking your Sushi Indie Rock

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Plastic Choking your Sushi - V05 Uploaded 8mo+16dy ago by Schwefelhard

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Schwefelhard   commented 8mo+16dy ago

Version V05 - Master: alright, here we go with the cheesy violin-cello-synth part, LOL BTW: I read about many productions where the initial "idea" track was dropped at some stage because it didn't support the song anymore... however, in the end I will be happy with what you guys makes happy :-)

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ipft   commented 8mo+15dy ago

Ha - doesn't quite sound right now, thanks. I must be getting used to the break, let's go with V04? It needs to fade out a couple of seconds earlier tho ;-)

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Schwefelhard   commented 8mo+15dy ago

alright, fully agree with the fade out, it dosen't feel right "As Is" and needs definitaly improvement. Will upload a new version V06 based on V04

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Schwefelhard   commented 8mo+15dy ago

Alexander: Let us know if you prefer to stick on this route anyway...