Like Nothing Seen Before Alternative

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Like Nothing Seen Before TEST Uploaded 8mo+15dy ago by Slackjaw1

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Slackjaw1   commented 8mo+21dy ago

Played around with this tune a little. Had no harp sep but would be happy to add if you like this direction. Nice tune


Graiouf   commented 8mo+20dy ago


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jubal   commented 8mo+20dy ago

Nice mix Mike...thanks for noticing this tune and joining in...MikiBella's harp seps are in his upload...he sends his tracks a little differently than other folks...version 1 and 2 have the harp seps, version 3 is a can download his seps from there and add to the mix...thanks again for this fine mix : )


Slackjaw1   commented 8mo+20dy ago

Ah.. thanks. Did not realize it was there. I'll play around with it next week. I'm just leaving town for a few days. Will send a mix again when I'm done.

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jubal   commented 8mo+20dy ago

looking forward to it...have a safe trip