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Slackjaw1   commented 8mo+16dy ago

Ok. Added harmonica track. Let me know if there's anything you would like me to change. Had fun mixing this. Nice tune

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jubal   commented 8mo+16dy ago

Hi Mike...thanks for adding Miki's harp 67 my ears are not what they were , so I'll ask the band to put their ears on 1:31f is the harp a little too loud? 2:59 to 3:10, can you hear the words? (they seem buried to me)...maybe up the vocal volume in that spot a little? 3:31f the first line of the vocal is buried ( "there are no words" ) the vocal is out front after that...let me know what you think guys. If you can hear it all with ease, then we'll go with that

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ShannonB   commented 8mo+16dy ago

I'll listen too, ha, ha! Not because I'm involved, but just because I love the song. :) I just listened last night, as a matter of fact. I'm a big fan.