Crying in my Sleep Rock

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Crying in my sleep Instru Uploaded 10mo+24dy ago by Yves

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Yves   commented 10mo+24dy ago

For the fun i add organ and sax solo. Thanks a lot JR for that very nice mélody


JRStudios   commented 10mo+19dy ago

Thanks for the mix, but this should have been under the heading of 'Mix' not Brass, because those are for seps, such as when you record your sax and and have a separate track for it, then you can upload it under 'Wind Instrument/Sax' then who ever does the mixing can download each sep from each instrument, then create the mix. I've moved this mix to it's heading 'Engineering/mix' Do you have the sax sep? If so, can you upload it under 'Seps/Wind Instrument/Saxophone'? The same for the organ, but upload it to 'Seps/Keys/Organ'


Yves   commented 10mo+19dy ago

Yes no problem i can do that but do you like what i've made (organ and sax) otherwise it have no use to do it.


JRStudios   commented 9mo+25dy ago

Sorry for the very later reply, I've been away on a business seminar, anyway, yes I do like the sax and organ, thanks for contributing.