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Lyrical song structure

By April Metzler
1yr+3mo ago

Just curious on what your thoughts are on the desired song structure for this piece, lyrically. Are there lead rides in the song, bridge, pre-chorus - or just basic chorus verse structure? Also, do you have a story line/plot/theme...any ideas on what you want to convey through this?




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peterrand   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Hi April - To be honest I just do what comes to me - I hadn't really thought about structure really. As regards lyrics / themes I had no specific ideas for this one - I do write lyrics for some of my stuff but mostly I let them find their own feet as it were. Suffice to say that the theme is probably going to be along the lines of an expression of love in some way, had I got around to writing lyrics. I'd be happy if you want to let me know your thoughts or suggestions and maybe I can alter the structure if you have ideas? Thanks! Peter

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Aprild2584   commented 1yr+3mo ago

I didn't have any, specifically. I do like the beginning music structure. Also, like the requested track collabs to fill up the musical space. A little bit of accompaniment in the right places goes a long way. It sounded to me like a 'hopeful journey grounded in a surprising struggle of growing in trust' . . . But that is the only truth I heard in it as it stands. was like that seeking to get to each other...but not aware of who that someone is and finding that someone through this masterful orchestrated chain of events and the learning process of what a series of firsts look like....anyways, that's what I got from it.

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Aprild2584   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Hey Peter, I am interested in starting the process for writing the story that goes with this, but I would like to wait for the bass, guitar, and drum tracks. I really think a duet style structure with the guitar would work and sound fantastic. The vocalist sings, the music answers like an echo response back to the heart kind of pattern. Soft & lighter story telling style of Verse, with either a beat drop or complete hard stop, more intense driven Chorus, guitar lead ride, 2nd Verse, repeat Chorus, building Bridge, repeat Chorus but dropped back down with maybe a slight change in lyrics to signify the new relationship/new dynamics, with maybe an ending tag. . . . Thoughts? April


Dan69   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Hello. It is the first time I collaborate with online musicians. forgive my inexperience. regarding the track, it is very melodic and therefore not suitable for rock rhythm, I will try to listen to it several times and try to compose something melodic and particular. thanks for the trust!