Desiree Alternative Folk

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des frank Uploaded 2mo+2dy ago by CLOBY

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CLOBY   commented 2mo+2dy ago

this is a mostly straight tempo version. still needs cleaning up but general idea is there. if this is a preferable version ill finish the cleanup and post seps. let me know if there is anything you would see differently.

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Schwefelhard   commented 2 months ago

great drums, like it! chorus seems to be a bit flat/over compressed at least for my taste...

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CLOBY   commented 2 months ago

Thanks. I agree the mastering /compression levels are going to be part of clean up. I posted this one a bit prematurely. I just wanted to make sure the tempo changes are preferable to loose tempo version. Came out a little Frankensteiny with all the time chopping. I liked your version too. This was a tough one timing wise.

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munks   commented 2 months ago

Cheers Dan! this is defo the version going forward, If you could just post a voxless/instruments mix that would be cool, I'd like to try out my vox with your production...just needs the vox to be on par really and we'll go from there. What fuzz did you use on the bridge? I'm curious :)

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CLOBY   commented 1mo+29dy ago

Sounds like a plan. I?ll try and get a novox version up tonight. Fuzz is pod fuzz face model.