Desiree Alternative Folk

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full mix no vocals Uploaded 2mo+6dy ago by CLOBY

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munks   commented 1mo+8dy ago

Hey Dan, Heres a mix with vox, let me know what you think, if you could post your seps that would be cool, I?d like to do some minor tweaks and I reckon after that were ready to mix this.

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CLOBY   commented 1mo+7dy ago

sounds good! tweak away. definitely more mixing to do but its getting close.bear with me had some computer issues have to re bounce all the seps. ill have the files up as soon as i can. if you have time you might consider redoing the acoustic on the choruses it got a little sketchy after the time warps had to push it to the back a bit. if not can certainly work with what we have. looking forward to hearing a finished product