Breaking the Dream Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Breaking The Dream with Vocals 12 1 19 Uploaded 7mo+6dy ago by dmeisegeier

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dmeisegeier   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Peter - I finished the lyrics, and the attached mix has my friend, Alex Polonsky, singing them. Let me know what you think. I also think the beginning and ending of the song need to be shortened, and there are two gaps (end of verse one and beginning of verse 4) that either should come out or we should find some music to fill them. Not sure if you agree with that, and also not sure what the process would be to make structural changes (e.g., taking out measures).

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peterrand   commented 7mo+7dy ago

Thanks David! Sounds really good. Will have a listen and see what I can come up with re: structural changes - The ending can be shortened without too much bother. May be a few days though by the time I get round. Hope that is OK.

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dmeisegeier   commented 7mo+7dy ago

Sounds good Peter. I'm not in any rush.