Mama Ain't Home Right Now Honky Tonk

Started by RickyD, © All Rights Reserved 2019

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MamaAint OTW banjo 1 Uploaded 11mo+26dy ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 11mo+26dy ago

See if you can use any of this, young'un. Can't help it, when I see the key of G the banjo comes out. If ya can't use it that's fine. If ya want it tightened up or changed just sing out.

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RickyD   commented 11mo+26dy ago

I am genuinely surprised that I like the banjo in this song but, I do! I never would have thought to have it in there. Thanks, James. You da man!

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offthewall   commented 11mo+26dy ago

I still remember my surprise, all those years ago, when The Eagles introduced the banjo into their signature guitar sound. It really can add that extra layer of texture especially with a simple 3 chord lick style of song. A 12 stringer can do much the same. Thanks for accepting, sir.