Anything For A Pretty Face (147) Rock

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SNG 147 EDITMIX Uploaded 23 days ago by RealAl

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RealAl   commented 23 days ago

HELLO: I tried an edit mix using the bass signature, drum interplay, guitar riffs with some opens. Also, I did an edit on the bridge to build a climax to the fade... Just my madness... Do with it as you will...COMMENTS...ENJOY

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Lift   commented 23 days ago

Hi Al, thanks for the mix, I'm of course biased on the topic and can't really be objective on this mix versus the -12db I just made based on steer from Antonklinkt. From my perspective the guitars are possible two much in the background, but again I'm not objective from the inside out. @ Antonklinkt/dwfreak feel free to jump in as you both have a more 'outside looking in' view then myself. Cheers! Maarten

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antonklinkt   commented 23 days ago

Cool things. Might work just as well depending on what happens on the lead/vocal front. Personally I prefer the variation on the other version....but that's prob just me.

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RealAl   commented 23 days ago

Yes, the vocals are going to matter. I did this mix with some space in mind, yet tried to maintain some signature ideas from all... anton, your bass work-variations cooks, as an instrumental, because the listener wants changes. I try to think as a listener-wanta-bee musician, and pretend I could do that, because of repetition... It lulls one into the imagined...