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VISAMAKAL Backing Vox Harmonies Uploaded 8mo+23dy ago by Gemini

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Gemini   commented 8mo+23dy ago

My idea for harmonies...3 parts plus octave down unison bass.

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Adamony   commented 8mo+23dy ago

You've done an amazing job! It gives it a nice crooner feel as well-and the harmonies work! I appreciate your contribution! However, I would say that the melody could do without the harmonies during the intro word "Visamakal," in the intro it sort of shocked me-like a robot. NONETHELESS, it suits the "samut" and "Santa Cruz" AND the crescendo parts in the bridges of the song perfectly. If the word "visamakal" were to be harmonized to at all, it could Possibly be harmonized to during the last 2 "visamakal" to heighten the mood and perhaps suggest others are joining in singing the romantic song. What do you think about that idea sir? Thank you in advance!

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Gemini   commented 8mo+22dy ago

I agree completely. I will take them out. The rest is non-verbal because I had no lyrics but I think it works out better :)

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Adamony   commented 8mo+22dy ago

I am glad to hear that. Thank you for contributing to the song. When you do get the chance to upload the edited track, may you also upload the stem track of the harmony along with it? There are some parts in my vocals I will tweak a bit. Thank you in advance! How would you like to be credited?

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Gemini   commented 8mo+22dy ago

I will send the harmonies up as soon as you're happy with the arrangement. Credit it to Nigel Robinson aka Gemini, thanks. My CAE/IPI number is 799097073 if you need it for publishing, distribution, etc.