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VISAMAKAL Backing Vox Harmonies Uploaded 8mo+26dy ago by Gemini

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Gemini   commented 8mo+25dy ago

How does this arrangement sound?

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Adamony   commented 8mo+24dy ago

This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. You are really good at building the song up, I literally got out of my chair because it was that exciting haha I would love to collaborate when the opportunity comes. I have many more songs I am working on. Let me know how I can help you and I'll see what I am able to do. Thank you so much!!

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Gemini   commented 8mo+24dy ago

Thanks a lot my friend! I liked this song a lot and was very happy to help.

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Adamony   commented 8mo+24dy ago

Thank you! How can I credit you?

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Adamony   commented 8mo+19dy ago

Hi Gemini, I will definitely credit you for this song upon publishing it!! Lastly, is there a way to raise the volume of my voice during the 2nd crescendo? I feel like the singing is well but the previous music engineer had the music volume louder than my voice during that part-its softer than the first crescendo-and I was planning on addressing later. From your end however, learning that you also have mixing/mastering experience, would it be possible to make my voice louder during that 2nd crescendo or bridge-perhaps if I sent you the vocal stem of it to overlay over it? Lol I'm not sure how one would go about that. Thank you in advance!! Other than that, you have made the song waaay better and I'd love to collab!!!:D

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Gemini   commented 8mo+19dy ago

Hi there I will see what I can do.....