Tears Of Angels Pop

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Creative Brief

This is to my country Lebanon that is suffering from fires all around it. If you can't help with this collaboration that please help with your prayers. Thank you

Lyrics :

our souls are melting away
maybe this can melt the colden hearted
but that seems a long way

our hearts are aching tonight
tears blending with sweat and smoke
as we witness this sight

all that nature do is give
all what humans do is take

so take a look at yourself
do you like what you see
do you think you're enough
no we're not good enough

we are failures
we are takers
we are losers
we are haters

we are fakers
we're heart breakers
and rule breakers

we can't stand the world to be well
we like to watch it burn
we turn heaven into hell
we never seem to learn

tears of angels
grieving their land
heaven is burning
Loubnan (this means Lebanon in Arabic) 

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Genre Pop

Collaboration started October 16, 2019 by Amanda

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Copyright © 2019 by Amanda, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Oct 16, 2019

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