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Away From Me Full Vocal Mix Uploaded 26 days ago by ipft

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ipft   commented 25 days ago

With updated 2nd chorus and some mastering plugins.

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FuturaFalls   commented 25 days ago

Smokin' Hot! on the Verses Ian!!! Chorus is Interesting, way different from what I did and this is what I'm super interested in - The blending and mixing of ideas, Wow. Hoping you want to complete this song - Ian style, so I can hear all those great ideas, then I'll go back and blend that with what I do, can you dig it? or want me to build from the awesome work you got goin' so far? So here's some thoughts, I'd really like to explore a different structure than VerseChorusVsChoBridgeCho, If you have musical ideas in that department or it sounds interesting to you lemme know, if not - I'm gonna listen to what you did many times and let it move me on this tune. I play in Drop C tuning guitar-wise and it lends itself to more keys ideas (from low to high) CGCFGC, if it helps you get with the vibe - but I'm actually considering videoing me playing the chords and notes and including it, so perhaps others could see what I'm doin' and take it from there adding their own to complete songs more easily - is this a useful thought, OR do you guys usually share this info in a different way? Super Kool Man, lookin' forward to more of this. /R Phil

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ipft   commented 25 days ago

Thanks Phil ;-) Enjoyed this one and that's one of the things about this site, you can get something completely different to what you might be expecting (good or not so good!). Happy for you to do whatever you want for the vision you have for the track. This site allows something called spin offs to allow you to create as many variations as you want if that's what you want to do. I'm focussed more on laying vocals down and lyrics as I work full time and only have time at weekends to record, but I am on most days and can lend a critical ear if you want to try stuff. I may dust my guitar and amp off, but it will take a few weeks for calluses to harden. The best thing would be to create a fresh project and drop all the files in there. I can get you a plus membership for a month as you are new to the site, and you will be able to upload WAV, FLAC or AIFF files. Once it's up I will bounce a wet stem and dry seps and you can drop into your DAW to see what you can do with the arrangement. It's not far off, I reckon 3 minutes would be perfect. Maybe a lead section, possibly even a bass solo could work and there's lot of talented guitar/bass/drummers on here. Most appreciate chords/basic arrangement, so no need for video or notation. In terms of production, take a listen to some Royal Blood