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Away From Me Full Vocal Mix Uploaded 27 days ago by ipft

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FuturaFalls   commented 27 days ago

Yes Brother, understand and will work towards that, but quick mp3 cuttin' and whittlin' seems to do the trick for this kind of writing....Lemme know what you think of this Chorus... = Because your Verse to Chorus was such a different message and I liked that, wanted to accentuate that a bit....The first chorus is down and I stuck with some of what you were sayin' there, Brought Low - Down In Flames now Warm Glow - I'm a Afraid now Your Show - In your name now You'll Know - Ain't the same now the 2nd one is Up in a down way Mile High - Up in Flames now Wild Ride - I'm to blame now Smile Wide - In your name now Can't Hide - Ain't the same now And since the Chorus has a busier feel combined with the Verse/Choruses having a different tack - it gives itself a Manic feel so message and Story-wise it makes me want to combine ideas for what this story is (Just an example) "Intermittently Manic Holiday Escape Plan" or "Bipolar Holiday Quantum Entanglement Theory" somethin' like that. I'm a working Professional too with a day job and fam commitments, but when they can happen pretty fast like this, it's exciting.....No hurries No Worries on my side. Look forward to hearin' your thoughts. /R Phil

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ipft   commented 27 days ago

No prob with cut and shut job, it's an early scratch. I can work with that and will get onto some more next week. Midnight here, so time to hit the sack.