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FuturaFalls   commented 1mo+11dy ago

W'sup Ian, Busy weekend over here, had our kids and grandkids over - it's gettin' chilly out, so firepit (bonfire) and cookin', a few beers, and some projects with my son, son-in-laws, superfun.....but did make some time to really dig in on this one.....We'll see what shakes down with it. Please give the New Chorus sections a go, I'm diggin' my initial attempts at them, think they're really open to different vocal melodies, so interested in what you come up with. Lemme know what you think of this structure and the lead sections, nothin' overly serious but want the keys to just be different sounds you don't hear all the time. Have a good week. Phil

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ipft   commented 1mo+10dy ago

No worries, sounds like a good one! Yep, like where you're taking this, feel and tone-wise fitting the bill. There's still some stuff needed to blend the verse and chorus a bit better. Length etc. feels about right and will need some harmonies and lyrics for the outro which I should be able get some time to work on mid-week. I also have a quick vocal scratch for track 4 of yours that I was playing around with for an hour or so today which I'll upload in a min.