51st State (need vocal - Freddie Mercury-ish) Arena Rock

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51st State no drum Uploaded 7mo+8dy ago by Owhit

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FuturaFalls   commented 5mo+21dy ago

Hey Brother, Did you jam this out on a piano? or did you build it up a piece at a time? Also, Please, name a Queen song or 2 that you're wanting to hear the style of for this particular tune and talk a bit about whatever he's doin' vocally that you connected with for this tune. /R Phil

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Owhit   commented 5mo+21dy ago

Thanks for asking about this tune...Yeah, totally a piano tune. Lyrics don't need to rhyme or match phrasing between lines. Though if you get a verse hammered on I can expand a given section that is particularly singable. See a line in "In the Lap of the Gods" (Forgive me when I ask you where do I belong) Also perhaps "Nevermore" Vocals should jump voicings, arpeggiate, outlining the chord with less connecting melody.. all with strong breath control to pump or clamp it or to a whisper. See violin melody at 1:04, or others to counterpoint or harmonize against.

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Owhit   commented 5mo+20dy ago

I also recommend listening to another 70's British band Be Bop Deluxe's Twilight Capers for phrasing "And the falling stars that never fall But send ambassadors to call Still call the guilty to heaven"