Knot of Like Minds Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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New trac in a ball Uploaded 3mo+11dy ago by srhangover

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JenCarie   commented 3mo+9dy ago


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bigdrums   commented 3mo+2dy ago

Dam Jordi wish I could drum this for ya awesome bro

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srhangover   commented 2mo+26dy ago

Yes!!! :D I'll upload a backing track when i'll have the vocals sep. Thank you!!! :D

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 2mo+25dy ago

Sorry Jordi... I forgot a little. I'll post soon

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srhangover   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Thanks Mike!!! :D I'll work asap in it. Today I have the premiere of my band "Voices of Galadh" and this week have been realy crazy! lol