Knot of Like Minds Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Trac in a ball drums session Uploaded 7mo+21dy ago by bigdrums

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bigdrums   commented 7mo+21dy ago

Hi Jordi & Mike should i go less busy what ya think? ,what a fun song to rock the drums on guys.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 7mo+21dy ago

I think you nailed it Todd... great job on this.

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bigdrums   commented 7mo+21dy ago

Thank you Mike your such a awesome musician bro .I listen to this take over and over it has the feeling i think ,i wanted to drive with your vocal .

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srhangover   commented 7mo+17dy ago

Very nice Todd, Love it!! I like how sounds, Everything is very compensated. Maybe I try to do a different mix, if you can upload seps I can try a new mix when I'll have time. Thanks so much!!!

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bigdrums   commented 7mo+16dy ago

Thanks Jordi for letting me drum on such a awesome song bro , i will post seps and a drums stereo .