Shadow Play Folk-Rock

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Shadowplay MixwDrums FROZ Uploaded 8mo+12dy ago by Froz

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Froz   commented 8mo+12dy ago

Hi guys. Nice vibe on this tune. I jammed along and recorded some drums . More a jam than a final take , i can do a tighter take if you like this one . Cheers

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peterrand   commented 8mo+12dy ago

Thanks Frederic! Very nice! Yes please, could you (when you can) upload a final take and seps please! Thanks again!

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Froz   commented 8mo+12dy ago

Thank you Peter. I will upload the mix with Drums only of this version. I like this take but i think some fills can be tighter . I will therefore give it another go . However i will get access to my drums only once during the next 1 week and a half so please be patient.