Moments (Vocal Need) Electronic

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Moments (Melody structure raw idea) Uploaded 8mo+22dy ago by FGasperini

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FGasperini   commented 8mo+22dy ago

Just a raw melody idea, mate. My vocal register doesn't fit the style, but the melody is there. With a decent pop singer it could sound killer. Hope you like it .


Giuseppeconiglio   commented 8mo+21dy ago

Hello, I love the idea! I like it very much. Can you upload the lyrics? I hope to find someone who can sing it. Thanks


FGasperini   commented 8mo+20dy ago

Hi Giuseppe! Thanks man, had lots of fun, the song is really good. I will Post the lyrics here today. Grazie !!!


Giuseppeconiglio   commented 8mo+19dy ago

Hey thank you so much !! The lyrics are beautiful :)


FGasperini   commented 8mo+20dy ago

Here mate. The moments we had I never had a chance to love you A chance to love you It's all I wanted so bad In my heart there's an explosion I want you to the know the truth That all I wanted was you,it was you What goes around comes around And the memory lives on Tic-tac time, it goes on It's same kind of feeling when I first saw you Tic-tac time, it goes on