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FuturaFalls4 Vocal Scratch Uploaded 1mo+9dy ago by ipft

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ipft   commented 1mo+7dy ago

parental advisory!!! Who Is Watching Who (Lyrics by iPFT, 20191027) Next time you?re leaving home Take a look and see Don?t forget to lock the door Throw away the key There?s too many problems In the neighbourhood You think you got it all worked out You?re misunderstood You never know who is watching you But you sense that they are already here They bide their time keeping up to date Now they know that there is nothing to fear Holding on for dear life Face reality Shed a tear your freedom?s gone A modern tragedy This is propaganda You?ve seen it on TV They lie in wait their time will come Tribe mentality You never know who is watching who It?s why you always keep an eye on the dead The CCTV is watching you While a drone buzzing over my head Keep those feelings in Don?t be blind you?ll see They won?t want you to win I will set you free You gotta break it down You gotta break on down these walls You gotta hunt them down Set fire to souls that be Before they get to you You never know who is watching who But I think it?s f*%^$%^ patently clear This sleeper cell ain?t enough for two But you got to keep enemies near


FuturaFalls   commented 1mo+7dy ago

Pretty f*%^$%^ Epic!!! Great melody writing, gonna play it on repeat for awhile and let it sink in... More Strong Work Ian. /R Phil

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ipft   commented 1mo+7dy ago

haha cheers dude. The music/production makes it, what an epic track! No tuning on this, so there are a few duff notes here and there but I can sort that out before bouncing the seps. Could do with a vocal rider too to flatten the vocal loudness.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Nice Ian.... delivery is excellent. Shades of Radiohead in the backing vox. Outstanding work and a great song

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ipft   commented 1mo+5dy ago

Muchas gracias amigo. I took some of your vocal bad-assedness as inspiration buddy ;-)


FuturaFalls   commented 1mo+5dy ago

W-n-W, Hey Brother, I know Ian has been collab'n a lot and is awesome = But my goal here is to get quite a few songwriters like myself to all write over the same material and then blend those things together, example Ian writing for the verse stays, yours for the chorus, mine for the bridge/break.....just 1 example of the many ways this could work. Anyways, I've got 2 hours worth of material and write new stuff consistently - Hope you'll take a stab (or 4 ; - ) Phil