The Boys Are Back In Town But Lynott's Gone Home To Dublin Celtic

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bagpipe   commented 8mo+6dy ago

Growing up in Scotland, I was a big Thin Lizzy fan. Some fantastic guitarists in that band over the years: Brian Robertson, Gary Moore, Scott Gorham. And the wonderfull songwriting of Phil Lynott. Let me know if you need any guitar work doing. "Do ye have any of the Irish in ye? ..... Do ye want some!?!"

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SimonW   commented 8mo+5dy ago

Hi Derek, Yes, fantastic band. I feel they were probably Ireland's greatest rock band even if U2 have sold more records. Saw Gary Moore play in Edinburgh as part of a solo tour he did maybe 2 or 3 years before he died, and his playing was awesome. Thanks for the offer to provide guitar. Bobby's provided the music for this song, so I'll defer to him on whether any additional instruments are needed. Simon

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LimberTwig   commented 8mo+5dy ago

While this might not seem like what you might expect, after we find a singer, I envision some guitar work (ala Thin Lizzy) in and out throughout in the background. If that makes sense.