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Test guit lead accompagment Uploaded 8 months ago by Graiouf

Mix   Accepted   audio/mpeg   8.05 MB   Engineering-Scratch Demo   Guitar-Lead   142 Plays   1 Downloads  




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JenCarie   commented 8 months ago

You totally get me, Francois. And you are fast becoming one of my favorite guitarist on this site. Wonderful job... Please upload sep when you get a chance. I'm actually going to try to mix this myself and Andreas is so gracious that he may come in and critique me and help me... :))) A new thing I am going to try haha.. Thanks again!


Graiouf   commented 8 months ago

Ohhhhh, thanks a lot! Your message touch me , sincerely, and i'm very happy to playing for you because your voice is one of my favorites vocal on Kompoz. I will send a sep track soon. Thanks again Miss Jen, i send you a little kiss :)

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JenCarie   commented 7mo+27dy ago

haha... wonderful! Thank you so much!! xoxo J


TSTstudios   commented 7mo+26dy ago

A really tasteful guitar add I must say :)