When I Lost You (I Won) Southern Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by ELeyne

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When I lost you (I won) (Pete Mix) Uploaded 7mo+21dy ago by peterrand

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peterrand   commented 8 months ago

Let me know what you think. As for lead guitar - Francois already did guitar and could probably provide a lead break between the vocals - ?

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ELeyne   commented 7mo+28dy ago

Sorry, Peter. I've been on the road, and just got a chance to listen to this. Sounds great! I wonder if I could ask two things. Would it be possible to reduce the vocal volume a bit on the word "it's" at 0:53? I'm a bit off pitch and it drives me nuts! Also, could you sustain the vocals a tad on the last note? They cut out rather abruptly. I think getting Francois to add something in the break between the vocals is a great idea! Best, Eilis

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peterrand   commented 7mo+27dy ago

Will have a go! Thanks!

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ELeyne   commented 7mo+26dy ago


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peterrand   commented 7mo+25dy ago

Just about to upload.. reduced the volume on "it's" and I've extended the end - think I cut off too much originally as there was a mic click at the end.