Four Horsemen New Acoustic

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Four Horsemen Uploaded 7mo+8dy ago by Wire-and-Wood

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peterrand   commented 7mo+7dy ago

Great Mike - and thanks for the seps too.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 7mo+7dy ago

Thank you Peter.... I really like the song, and I played it for the family, which is pretty rare. Honestly, I keep listening to it myself. You guys sound excellent. This version, I just upped the vocal and drum slightly. Here are the lyrics again... Four Horsemen: The wind, it howls as if with urgency It has a secret that it must reveal to me and rain is cascading down the mountainside as if to wash away the truth that lies behind The Horsemen ride like an approaching storm from the darkest night until they meet the dawn The Horsemen seek something that's yet unknown although there's four riders they seem to move as one The Horsemen ride as if they must return... Home! You, you didn't listen You, you didn't care The news delivered warnings But you, you didn't share Soon arrives the morning The Horsemen, they're coming here! You see, I realized then it was me, although I cared I failed to really listen to the truth they came to bear And so, it was to be The Horsemen rode to set us free! The Four Horsemen