If I Could Be With You Again (a dazzos spin) Country

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If I Could Be With You Again 01A Uploaded 26 days ago by BrotherRat

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BrotherRat   commented 27 days ago

I have no clue what I am doing. It just reminded me of the tragic love of Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker. I don't know .. why.


fisherman   commented 27 days ago

OMG! I love the sound! every word paints a picture. Brilliant

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BrotherRat   commented 26 days ago

It just came out of nowhere. I didn't know what it was about until I was done .. and then realized it was about Glen Campbell's tragic love for Tanya Turner (she left him and that broke his heart forever).


Broke   commented 27 days ago

I started listening and thought to myself ... oh lord let him sing... nice job Ray :)

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JenCarie   commented 25 days ago

Oh, brother Ray! This is so touching. You did lovely. <3

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BrotherRat   commented 25 days ago

Thank you, sister rat :)) You are, as always, very kind.