A season for all Pop/Rock

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Ryan backing 1 0 Uploaded 8mo+20dy ago by RyanLucas

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jannik   commented 8mo+17dy ago

Thanks Ryan! What's your recording chain? You had the Apollo right?

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RyanLucas   commented 8mo+17dy ago

Yep... Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Mic Warm Audio TB12 Mic Pre Apollo Twin MkII

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bassman78fr   commented 8mo+17dy ago

Well, congratulations, Ryan. Your voice is magnificent and contributes enormously to this composition. Jannik was kind enough to create me the spin off of his project. I can?t wait to enjoy it just for the pleasure of my eardrums.

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RyanLucas   commented 8mo+16dy ago

The feeling is mutual, Philippe. I enjoy hearing how different musicians approach the same material. Thank you for sharing your talents. : )