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One in a Million Mix Uploaded 5mo+12dy ago by RottGold

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RottGold   commented 5mo+12dy ago

Added in the sax - played around with the panning of the trumpet and sax, tried both panned to one side, seemed a little too heavy to that side with both there, so I panned one trumpet left and sax right.. see what you guys think. Maybe if Bert and Milt have any preference on how you two think it would be best to have the brass sitting? - rich

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Graj   commented 5mo+12dy ago

WOW! LOLOLOL!!!!! That's Great! Love it!!! Rich - You've made me sound phenomanal on this, Baby! Thank you soooo much! I don't know who's singing! But I LIKE it!!! With the brass, I don't know. I've been listening to it straight up with no mixing just as I got it thru audaciy. Now that I hear it here, I think its too muted. I think you don't have to pan it L or R. Split both of them and turn up the volume! I think the song, and more importantly the soul of the song can handle it! TURN IT UP!!! ; ) Btw... Great job! ; ) G........

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LeRoc   commented 5mo+11dy ago

I love the sax! But I'm wondering if the difficulty with mixing/mastering the horns is because we're playing in unison? I wonder if Milt would be willing to harmonise? I could write something, or you could write something yourself, whatever fits you best.

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Graj   commented 5mo+11dy ago

I've never written a horn section in my life, and I don't think now would be a good time to start! I like the sound of the horns the way it is. I'd like to hear it louder! ; ) But I'm def open to a harmonized horn part if you think it would sound good! Go for it! G..........