One in a Million Alternative

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One in a Million Mix Uploaded 1mo+2dy ago by RottGold

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RottGold   commented 31 days ago

See if this sounds better to y'all with the brass in the overall mix.

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Graj   commented 31 days ago

I like it! You've done a REALLY Good job on this song, Rich! Kudos! Great Stuff! G........... ; )

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Graj   commented 9 days ago

For those of you with whom I'm not connected on social media... you might like to check this out: You Guyz are INCREDIBLE!!! Much Love! G............

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RealAl   commented 9 days ago

WOW, and WOW... This is very Good, and captures a state and musical feel that is FUN, PRO, and Enjoyable... That video... HOOHAH LOVE IT... Oh Yes, Nice Work ALL... Thanks for letting me be a part of this... WELL DONE...