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Underground Uploaded 6mo+19dy ago by PaimorMusic

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MEWSProject   commented 6mo+19dy ago

Hey Steven thanks! Some notes... Great job on making may so so vocals sound great...well better. Not in love with my voice. Overall I think the bassiness is too much. Kinda muddles everything. Can we eq that? I noticed a couple spots where I mess the Bass up. Think I may need to redo that. Thoughts? Lets do another bringing the overall bass down or treble up...guitars are getting a bit lost so that some of the song dynamics might be sharper. Can do. What do you think?

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MEWSProject   commented 6mo+19dy ago

HOLD! I was listening earlier today while traveling so different computer and different headphones. I am home with my studio set up and it does not sound so "Bassy". Let me assess again and get back to you...still think I have to redo the Bass Guitar though. Stand by...thanks

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PaimorMusic   commented 6mo+18dy ago

I would agree on the bass. I had to edit quite a bit of timing issues on every track pretty much. Mixing tends to expose performance issues. And without the drum stems, can?t do much with that track. Thanks!

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MEWSProject   commented 6mo+16dy ago

I see. Let me get the drum seps from Alyo. Anything else you noticed that we might fix/improve for our next mix?

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MEWSProject   commented 6mo+14dy ago

Drum seps are up. Have at it...looking forward to hearing your engineering mix. Let me know if you need anything else or want new tracks. Thanks in advance!

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PaimorMusic   commented 6mo+13dy ago

Okay great I will give it go! Thanks.