Let Nature Sing Praise & Worship

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Let Nature Sing by SteffieGee TSTmix r1 2019 11 14 Uploaded 23 days ago by TSTstudios

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TSTstudios   commented 21 days ago

All the new track added


SteffieGee   commented 21 days ago

Sounding good, has a dream-like quality, probably helped by the tremolo guitar. I'm still not happy with my vocals so I'm going to ask one of the other vocalists if they wouldn't mind having a go. Any suggestions?


TSTstudios   commented 21 days ago

How you record your vocal? on what and with what? maybe we can make it right with your vocal :)

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Gemini   commented 21 days ago

I have uploaded Steffie's vocal with treatment through iZotope Nectar 3: https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/965809/file/966562 See if that helps Tommy.....