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Something In The Ice (with Mech Creep Bass) Uploaded 8mo+24dy ago by mteasdal

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mteasdal   commented 8mo+24dy ago

!!!! ...LOL, I was able to percolate the VOX from Ian for the "Choruses" better here... "Jeff? I've found something down here, really don't know what it is. Can you come and take a look for us? Cheers. Oh bring a torch." ---- "Oh my God! Get Alex and Raf down here too! Martin's just taken a tumble. He's got something sticking out of his arm, don't know what it is. Bring a medi-kit and hurry up! Eeeaaughh, get it away from me! Get it out of my face!!!"

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rafj   commented 8mo+24dy ago

LOLLOLOLLOL :-))))))) supercool !

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jubal   commented 8mo+24dy ago

this tune is just so much fun!...has great energy, humor, and it has a freshness...not the typical fare, style wise...loads of fun