Coming to See You Cool

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ComingToSeeYou2 FluteSEP1 Uploaded 8mo+15dy ago by PaulM44

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PaulM44   commented 8mo+15dy ago

Hi William, Here are the flute SEPs as heard with all filters and automation---abbreviated on here as a Wet Sep. IF you want them Dry or Raw I can upload another set with everything turned off and you can add it on back in.... Also, the usual way to Accept another artist's track is to click Accept from the Manage button under the individual track---that automatically adds them to the collaboration. The Yellow IDEA then goes away on that track and if you want to move onwards from that track as the Bedtrack, then mark it as Featured, and others will know to select that track to play to for future additions. (Lots of little nuances to learn on here ;>}} I hope you have other pieces in the works! Best, Paul

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mitchell23   commented 8mo+14dy ago

Thanks for the info on the use of the site. I must admit that I get confused most of the time. I added your tracks into the song. I hope you don't mind that I cut and moved stuff around. I have no music training so words of wisdom are welcome. Mitchell