There's Something Alternative

  Spin-off   Spun by ipft



Creative Brief

I really like the original rawness of the original, but blending a bit of old with the new (orchestral + synths)


There’s Something

There's something in the ice, at the top, of the world

something in the melting ice, reappearing, in the world

ancient spores, ancient gases, returning, to the air

immunities, to new disease, air born, somewhere



There's something, in the ice...something, in the ice...

"Jeff? I've found something down here, really don't know what it is. Can you come and take a look for us? Cheers. Oh bring a torch."


Plate tectonics, have always, ruled the world

pole reversals, are nothing new, for sure

would you be surprised, if underneath the ice

tropical forests, frozen, in time



There's something, in the ice...something, in the ice...

"Oh my God! Get Alex and Raf down here too! Martin's just taken a tumble. He's got something sticking out of his arm, don't know what it is. Bring a medi-kit and hurry up! Eeeaaughh, get it away from me! Get it out of my face!!!"


Pyramids, and flying machines, wouldn't shock me

granaries, filled with unknown seeds, may be likely

a language, translated, revealing, new data

medical breakthroughs, music that still rings true





intro/verse 1...Bm   E7   Bm   C#m#5...multiple reps

chorus 1...Bm   D6   E7...multiple reps

intro/verse 2...same chords as intro/verse 1

chorus 2...same chords as chorus 1

intro/verse 3...same chords as intro/verse 1

chorus 3...same chords as chorus 1

Additional Information

Genre Alternative BPM 114.0

Collaboration started November 19, 2019 by ipft
Last upload 11mo+7dy ago

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Copyright © 2019 by ipft, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Nov 19, 2019

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alyo Alex Zulaika
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
ipft Ian T
Wirral United Kingdom
jubal Jeff Cozine
Port Richey Florida USA