Hope Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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HOPE MIX1 Uploaded 1yr+1mo ago by RealAl

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RealAl   commented 1yr+1mo ago

HELLO: Hear an acoustic drum DEMO for your consideration. Some of the timing versus your percussion could be tightened but I wanted you to hear my impression of what you composed. COMMENTS...ENJOY


Airone   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Thanks for the proposition, , my drums is not sync to bpm , that's could be the problem and could be erased if necessary. For the end of the song, the "crescendo" I see it's like you start at 5:00 something like floor tom + snare ( what you prefer ) but progressivly to 5:20 and then I see more energy , like a solo drum until the end, don't hesitate to play like an hard rock song.