Hope Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Drum idea 1 Uploaded 11mo+27dy ago by KevZedDrums

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KevZedDrums   commented 1 year ago

Hi Erwan. I'm submitting my first idea for a drum part for your song Hope. Before I go any further, let me know if I'm on the right track for what you are envisioning for a part. Once I get your feedback, I can make the revisions and re-track it so it's what you want. I got to say, this is very moving song. Love it. Hope we can work together on it. Thanks, Kev


Airone   commented 1 year ago

Great !! Thanks for your proposition. We are close to touch the goal ! I know the guitar are not right in place, I'll move them to feet with your drum Just 2 litle things: In the first part of the song, since 2:00, can you play the shot snare one time in two, until 2:43 ? In the second part I like the ride and how it start, at 6:00 can you vary the rythm and don't hesitate to change again or add some break or "offbeat" to be less linear ? In all case it's great and sound very good and the song really comes to life with your drums. Thanks a lot