Nightingale Electronic

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[00:26 to 00:44] [verse 1 with vocal melody 1] I'm on the next level I dine with the devil He hands me the assignments I need to dishevel I have kings on the run I have shot down the sun I treat alphas like dogs, don't Threaten me with a gun [00:45 to 01:04] [verse 2 with vocal melody 2] I can't be refuted I'm strongly reputed Gather all the legionnaires I am undisputed Yeah, I work on my tan While the shit hits the fan Lobby with the governments And catch me if you can [01:05 to 01:23] [verse 3 with vocal melody 1] I'm on the next mission I don't need permission You won't know what hit you, a Controlled demolition You're stunned! What a pity! I'm electricity You got to keep safe distance Boost your security [01:24 to 01:42] [verse 4 with vocal melody 2] Don't you underrate me Underestimate me Watch me turn the world around Doll, you can't dictate me Don't go looking for pearls You might drown in my curls So get your act together And don't play with the girls [02:02 to 02:40] [bridge] Can you see me flying in the sky? Can you count the codes that I defy? You can be the fiercest of them all But when the nightingale sings, you comply [03:09 to 03:28] [verse 5 with vocal melody 3] It's okay, you are without a clue You have been beaten down black and blue So don't you be so hard on yourself 'cause you have lost sight of what is true [03:28 to 03:47] [verse 6 with vocal melody 4] Baby, let me put you down to sleep The learning curve with me is too steep Take the nightingale's rock hard advice Ride with me 'cause you can't take that leap

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