Shoulders Of A Real Man (A GoYeah SPINOFF) Soft Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by JenCarie



Shoulders of a real man 1st mix 01 12 19 Uploaded 7mo+5dy ago by GoYeah

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GoYeah   commented 7mo+5dy ago

1st run through.... MAN ! those vocals are a good 2 hours to process .... Had to manually ride the fader and then automate it. In any case this is just the 1st run .... And Jen, you were gifted with such a strong voice ... damn !

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JenCarie   commented 7mo+4dy ago

Sounding great! :) I hope everyone else on the track likes my singing. Would love to hear what they think, too. :) I like the acoustic guitar additions. And I really love the lead guitar at the end. The mid part may not fit quite as well. but I'll have to keep listening. :)

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GoYeah   commented 7mo+4dy ago

You call the shots, Jen !