Material Things Bluegrass

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Material Things Edit Start Mix Master 2 Uploaded 26 days ago by whenthemusicsover

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whenthemusicsover   commented 26 days ago

Here is a second potential mix master in which I cut out the original intro part. Any suggestions for improvement?

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ben0   commented 24 days ago

Hey Brent, I'm experimenting with adding some slide guitar to the choruses. Will upload something for you tomorrow to check out. It's a lower frequency than the mando and fiddle parts and is not too busy, so it may help round out the sound a little.

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whenthemusicsover   commented 24 days ago

OK. I look forward to hearing it. Thanks Ben.

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ben0   commented 23 days ago

I put up two copies. One is synced to the original bed track; the other is to your currently featured No Entro version. I just laid down one chorus and copied that to the other 3, plus added some at the end to fill out the outro. Nothing earth shattering musically - just some backup sounds. Could be good in a proper mix, or might suck!

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whenthemusicsover   commented 22 days ago

I won't get the time to work on another mix until the weekend comes around. Thanks